We ensure our clients have clean and purified water by providing them with certified top products from trustworthy, professional and experienced manufacturers. We offer a variety of water filters in Cyprus for all applications, needs and preferences. Based on your needs and preferences you can choose from:

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Water filtration systems offer clean and purified water that is preferable for different uses of everyday life like drinking, cooking and washing.

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Water filters in Cyprus remove unwanted contaminants from water keeping the good minerals. Installing the right water filtration system can give you healthier and cleaner water which you can consume without worrying about dangerous impurities.

Using clean filtered water for cooking helps you prepare healthy food without contaminants. Unhealthy water can contaminate food and cause unfortunate events and illnesses. A water filter in Cyprus can provide clean water for cooking and reduce the risk of such events.

Washing fruit and vegetables before cooking and consuming them is very important because they can carry harmful germs that can cause sickness. Therefore, using clean water for fruit and vegetable washing is crucial in eliminating potential illnesses.

Water Filter in Cyprus

A water filter in Cyprus offers several benefits for both people and the environment.


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  • It cleans water of impurities, contaminants and parasites and makes water safer and healthier for consumers.
  • Filtered water provides clean drinkable water at all times without the need for carrying heavy water bottles.
  • It is environmentally friendly since owners of water filtration systems do not need to buy bottled water, thus contributing towards environmental protection.
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  • It is cost-effective as it saves people from buying water bottles all the time. Moreover, it is cost-effective because it can help extend the lifespan of different appliances in a household. These include appliances that could otherwise be destroyed due to minerals and other substances found in unfiltered water.
  • Being free from substances that cause an unpleasant taste and smell, filtered water in Cyprus tastes better.
What contaminants can water filters remove?

This depends on each water filter’s design and technology. In general, water filters in Cyprus can remove bacteria, viruses, parasites, chemicals, minerals, and more.

How often do I need to replace my water filter?

This depends on the specific water filter you have. The frequency with which you need to replace your filter varies and could be from every month to twice a year or once a year. Whichever water filtration system you have, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and contact a professional when you notice a change in your water.

How do I choose the right water filter for my home?

You need to consider various factors before choosing the best water filter in Cyprus for your house. Firstly, you must set your budget. There are various water filtration products and setting your budget will narrow down your choices and help you choose. You also need to know the type of contaminants you want to remove as well as the type of filter. Whether you want it under the counter or on the counter for example. Our amazing team can assess your needs and suggest the best water filtration system for you.

Can water filters in Cyprus improve the taste of my water?

Yes, they can. Water contains various contaminants that make it unhealthy and give it odour and taste. Water filters in Cyprus use advanced filtration technologies to clean water from different viruses, microorganisms, bacteria, heavy metals and other contaminants.

How does reverse osmosis work?

Reverse osmosis works with the help of a semipermeable membrane. Reverse osmosis uses pressure to force water through this membrane which filters out the water contaminants and only pure clean water remains.

Can the use of filtered water reduce the appearance of limescale in home appliances?

Limescale can be created in appliances when minerals build up. It can be harmful to appliances causing problems and limiting their lifespan. Using filtered water can eliminate or stop the appearance of limescale in home appliances as it is free of minerals that are harmful and are responsible for limescale.

Are water filters expensive?

The cost of water filters in Cyprus varies based on the type, size and features of each filter. The price of a water filter can range from tens to thousands of euros. Of course, whatever the cost, water filters are cost-effective as they can save money on water bottles as well as on the maintenance of appliances destroyed by minerals and other water contaminants.

The Team

Our team’s goal is to offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy clean and pure water and help them have a new healthier life starting with the water they consume on a daily basis.

We can assist you with the water filter you should choose by providing you with professional advice. Whether you have knowledge about water filtration or not, our amazing team can explain everything and guide you to find the product that is suitable for your needs. Our professionals offer free water testing to examine the water at your house or office before suggesting the water filtration system that is the best for you. Once you choose your water filtration system, professional engineers and plumbers of our installation team can visit your space to install it and make sure it works effectively.

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