Indications That You Should Change Your Water Filter

indications that you should change your water filters

Water filters provide us with clean water at any time, however, to be able to work properly and remove any contaminants they need good maintenance. Changing the water filter in time is crucial so that it offers the maximum result and the purest water possible.

Even though each water filter has an estimated filter change time, sometimes filters need changing earlier than that due to various reasons. You should be able to identify the signs that indicate that the filter needs changing. So here are some indications that you should change your water filter.

The filter indicator is turned on

Some water filter systems and water dispensers have a filter indicator that turns on when something is wrong with the filter or when it needs changing. Therefore, the first and easiest indication to know when to change your filter is this indicator.

Water Pressure is Low

Low water pressure shows that something is slowing down the water flow. In this case, you should check your water filter because there is possibly something blocking water from coming through and this means a clogged filter.

Unpleasant odor

While water filters help remove the unpleasant smell of contaminants in the water, a bad odor may reappear when it is time for a filter change. The unpleasant smell indicates that your filter has stopped working effectively and that it allows contaminants and impurities to pass through it.

Weird taste

When water starts to have a weird metallic-water taste, it means that it is time for filter replacement. This metallic taste can occur when metals like calcium and magnesium build up on the filter, thus giving this taste.

Milky-like texture

Water sometimes can appear dirty and whiteish. This is very serious, and it means that you should immediately change your water filter. This colour in your water means that your filter isn’t able to remove all pollutants and now they are in your water. Sometimes, contaminants that have not been filtered out also give a slippery texture to water, so be careful and change your filter as soon as you notice a slippery texture.

Bits or black mould

If you notice bits or black mould floating in your water, you should change your water filter immediately as they can cause serious health issues. Other than the filter you should also clean the whole device thoroughly to make sure that there are no black mould leftovers in it. The same applies if you can see pests in your water and after cleaning your water filter you should contact a pest control company to help you get rid of them from the entire house.   

Litres used

You should check how many litres you have used regularly so that you can know when approximately the filter will need changing. You can contact your provider to find out how many filters of water your filter can clean before it needs replacement.

Being able to know when your water filter needs changing is very important so that it remains effective and does not cause any health problems to you and your family. Keeping these indications in mind will help you know when your filter needs changing. Make sure to check out Water Filters Cyprus and learn more information.