Water Filter Maintenance in Cyprus

Regular maintenance and filter replacements are important for maintaining the quality and effectiveness of a water filter in Cyprus. Our team offers water filter maintenance in Cyprus that includes filter replacement, cleaning, sanitization, checking for damage, and water quality testing. You can rely on us for the maintenance of your water filter in Cyprus or ask us to help you with instructions on how to maintain your water filter on your own.

Water Filter Replacement

The replacement of water filters is essential for the effectiveness of a water filter system. As time goes by and the unit is used more and more, the cartridge of the water filter becomes full of contaminants which affect its performance.

When you purchase a water filter in Cyprus, we will inform you regarding the recommended filter replacement schedule, however, there are times when filter replacement is necessary earlier than expected.

water filter maintenance in cyprus

Water Filter Cleaning and Sanitization

Cleaning and sanitizing your water filter is an essential part of water filter maintenance in Cyprus and is very important in ensuring that the water is safe to drink.

Regular cleaning is required for the prevention of clogs and the build-up of contaminants while sanitization helps to prevent the growth of bacteria or other harmful organisms.

water filter maintenance in cyprus

Water Quality Testing

Monitoring the quality of the water provided by a water filter is crucial in testing the effectiveness of the filter. In addition to regular water quality monitoring, you should also schedule a water quality testing as soon as you notice any issues with the water quality.

If you can tell that the water has a weird smell, taste or colour and the water flow rate is slower than usual, you need to test the water quality immediately.

water filter maintenance in cyprus